[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
I’m So Fucking Rich Man (soulja)
Smokin on da pisert (soulja)
Hold up bitch get back , Shoot Em With Da AK
5 On My Chest Swaggin With Dat V-Neck
S.O.D Bitch Man Were So Up There
Man Were Gettin Money, Rolling From The Dice hoe
S.O.D Bitch, My Chain Make A LightShow
Big Money Nigga, Big Money Figga
Bitch Made Haters, Balling Like The Lakers (Kobe)
Bitch I’m Getting Paper, In Dat Navigator
I’m In Dat New Buggati, Smoking In That Gati
12 Gauge Shawty, Shooting Up the Party
9 On Me Shawty. Surfing Going Naughty

Bitches Going Ham [x8]

[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
Bitch I’m So Swagged Up, Bitch I Gotta Work
S.O.D Bitch, Rolled Up From My Shirt
High 30 Flights, In The Fuckin Air
Rick Hulk Hogan, Neck Rick Flair
Im hollin, Just like lil b smokin’ on that shit
Higher than a bitch, nigga check my wrist
Fifty thousand racks, SOD boy 365 taxs
365 black, Bitches going dummy
Smokin color (color) same gummy
Damn Rambo (Rambo) eating gumbo
Smokin thrax, loud pack
All black everything I’m lookin’ like a king
SOD boys let my fuckin’ jewelry bling
Put that on everything, I’m worth a bout a billion
You can call me Bill Gates, smoking out the window
Loud pack bitch playing hoes like Nintendo
Shout out to my to my friends doe, shout out to my kinfolk
Money in my Findo, 300 on the floor
SOD bitch, money like galore Oh my God
Bitches goin’ ham [x7]
Circles circles (circles) like a cyclone
I’m gone, I’m gone. 30 thousand