[Verse 1]
To a soundtrack of insects screaming
And every skin cell wheezing
I picked out the liquor soaked suit for the evening and took my position steam rolled to the ceiling
Greetings, these are the kids we’re dripfeeding
A sea of eyes light up, light up
Slovenly exterior gleaming
Yeah, too lucid
I don’t care who you wanna slap hooves with
In alleyways kids swap juices and loose lipped skets and goons compare bruises
I once knew this petrified wench
With a musky pesticide stench
She’d sharpen her nails on the walls all day and by night she would hug an electrified fence
And that bitch bit my middle finger in half
Faces inches apart, Had
Bare weird chicks in my yard, I
Stayed up and stuck pins in her heart, now
We squished old flames in our ashtrays
And let a moth circle our lampshades
I excelled in the red blooded rampage, rocking two stumps that could triple jump mass graves

Are they your teeth marks in your tail?
I think they’re your teeth marks in your tail
Looks like they’re your teeth marks in your tail
Is their air too hard to inhale?
You said their air’s too hard to inhale
Pissed cause their air’s too hard to inhale

[Verse 2]
I caught the half seven to Hanoi with a steaming oven fresh cerebellum to destroy
By twenty past ten I was beginning to suspect we were running out of mind bending weapons to deploy
City hopper
This sack of flesh is my best offer
I haggled till sundown, sundown
Swigging liquor in death’s honour
Stuck a next blotter under the tongue, took a
Sharp breath and punctured a lung, raise a
Glass to us wonderful scum, cause I
Love what us cunts have become
Now I can spend my life in this field right here
Your skin doesn’t feel real my dear
She said give sobriety a chance and
I recoiled at the mere idea
So tell me, are they your teeth marks in your tail?
Cause you look a touch dizzy
Sink another Snakebite, rack another rail
Fuck with me
Hourly trips to the moon
Coughing up comet dust into the room
Crowned as a king as I slip from the womb
Cannonballed into this crimson lagoon
Paddling out, rinsing the wounds
Sipping on venom, I think I’m immune
That rabid dog span on the spot with his jaws outstretched in a spiral of fumes