Appoint another Corrupt Individual to make a Rule, then things won’t exactly rearrange. When Corrupt Politicians are out of Office, maybe things will finally Change. If We need to do it, We won’t get it done. Politicians call on the People for one thing and that is when they’re Outsourcing. Either You check or get exed or watch somebody else spoil everything for Us. Chained and locked away, if We can’t take it. The World is losing support and all The People need a cane. If you got a little something, they coming to take You under. Electing someone to rob You and at least one’ll Vote for em. Don’t wonder how You got it, they just want some of it. Trying to control the World and destroy the Peoples brain. As long as We all are Free and One there shouldn’t be a reason why a certain one can’t come. Living like a Slave and acting like a Puppet. The way the Politicians do it, You earn or pay or they’ll make Ya. See something they like, no Penny Saver just run Caper. You usually won’t miss a good thang until it ain’t. People let People like this make decisions for them. When what You thought You had is all gone, You’ll wonder why You didn’t thank. Got You working everyday, but You won’t amount to nothing. Whatever they gave You, it ain’t much that You can do with. A job is hazardous in trash, but many still gotta make a living amongst some. Begging for Money to get it, while a Worker barely makes none. In the middle of a Political Dispute and outside in the rain. The only way to fit in is if You can’t cut it. You usually won’t miss a good thang, until it ain’t. Ignoring Our Rights until Everybody goes insane. Everybody acts like the World revolves around Paper.