(I gave you everything!)
He didn’t mean anything to me
I told you I was there for you
So you just gone give everything I gave you, to someone else? What-(yeah!) I know I’m sorry
I told you, that none of that meant nothing to me! (Yeah you was the one saying all that, but I don’t care! Nigga, you was just calling me! But I said I really love you! Noth- Nothing meant nothing to me! [Skit]
Okay, it’s me again (I’ve called you, like 30 times now! You just gone give me all away like that? I have always loved you!)
But, I wouldn’t- I wouldn’t be calling you if I didn’t love you
I love you (You don’t have hang up the phone, don’t hang up the, what are you doing!)
That don’t mean shit to me! I love you! Okay but I said don’t hang up the phone, I really wanna talk to you! Why can’t you answer the phone now?)
And no I have called you back a billion times
Why can’t you answer the phone?