[Verse 1]
On a blank canvas
When the artist sketches a picture
Paints the picture beautifully
The blank canvas
Will become a good piece of art
Few meaningful words
When set to a good lyric
And the singer lends vocals
To a good beat
Those few words
Can become a hit song
Exactly in the same way
A lonely heart
When it gets love
That love
Can give a right direction to life
Suddenly, life seems more meaningful
Oh yeah, this thing called love
It gives color to life
This thing called love
It gives a lively rhythm to life
[Verse 2]
Sometimes, watching an historical movie
We see the king
Sitting on the throne
He looks so secure
Appears so commanding
Seems to be happy
All the time
Or just imagine the feelings
Of Neil Armstrong
When walking on the moon
On reaching highest of the heights
Being on the top of the world
Oh yeah, when one gets love
He experiences such a special feeling
Sees his spirits climbing
Feels like he’s got the smile of fortune
Oh yeah, this thing called love
It takes you over the moon
This thing called love
It takes you to a different world
[Verse 3]
When it rains
Sometimes we see a rainbow in the sky
It looks so beautiful
With all its constituent colors
But the raindrops
Need some sunshine
And the pure white light
Gets transformed to a colorful thing
Oh yeah, this thing called love
It’s such an essential thing
This thing called love
We all need it so much.