Blinn died of natural causes on Thursday, October 22 in Burbank, California, according to his daughter, Annalise Johnson. Sources



Why Roots Was So Important

Tags: Blinn would go on to win his second Emmy in 1977 for co-writing the seminal historical miniseries Roots, which Vulture named “the Single Most Important Piece of Scripted Television in Broadcast History.” Beyond prestige drama, Blinn created the beloved buddy-cop series Starsky & Hutch in 1975. The prolific writer is known for adapting Chicago Bears player Gale Sayers’s book I Am Third into the 1971 TV drama Brian’s Song, which won him his first Emmy as well as a Peabody Award. While Blinn mostly worked in television, his rare foray into movies is perhaps the single best lone film-writing credit one can have: Blinn co-wrote Purple Rain, forever immortalizing Prince and Lake Minnetonka onscreen. William Blinn in 2009
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American screenwriter William Blinn, whose work in television spanned decades, is dead at the age of 83, Deadline reports.