I know how to hit it.” Tune in for an extravagant twist on the dysfunctional family antics you know and love, Thursday December 10, only on HBO Max. “I hope you’re my only wife.” That’s romance in certain tax brackets. “You’re my first wife,” he tells her. Related

Search Party Sets Off From HBO Max in January 2021

So, How Do I Actually Get HBO Max? “Hit it,” Aunt Tina offers marriage advice. Tags: That is, with the help of his wife, who he openly admits he married because his mom pressured him into it. That’s where fun Aunt Tina comes in. “My brothers are named Washington and Reagan. I was a disappointment because I was a girl, so I’m named Judy.” The Hos are some of the many Vietnamese immigrants who settled in Houston, Texas, but they make it look like Calabasas. “All men like that. “More is more,” Judy sums up the Ho lifestyle. For everyone staying away from their folks for the holidays, HBO Max is filling that void with its upcoming reality show House of Ho, following the luxurious and stressful lives of a wealthy multigenerational family. “My family is Vietnamese, but loves being American,” narrates the only Ho daughter. Meanwhile, Judy is trying to live her best, divorced life without her “old school” parents breathing down her neck. Oh, thank God, family drama to meddle in and it’s not your own. The patriarch of the family deals with banking and investments, and it’s about time for the Kendall Roy of the family, Washington, to follow in his father’s footsteps.