Lilly Singh on A Little Late. Tags: “For this second round, I know the ropes and plan to bring more of my creativity to the table. As Deadline notes, all of these hires for the second season are new aside from Singh and Davidson, who will replace previous head writer Sean O’Connor. In addition to the writing-staff changes, NBC revealed that the upcoming season of A Little Late will be taped at “a Los Angeles–based house” rather than a studio, which the press release says will “give Lilly more space to break the rules and embrace imperfection.”

“During the first season of A Little Late, I was thrust into a whole new world that admittedly consisted of 90% learning and 10% being creative,” Singh said in the release. NBC announced in a press release today that the series, which scored a season-two renewal in May, will return to television on Monday, January 11, with some added changes both in front of and behind the camera. Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Big changes are coming to Lilly Singh’s NBC late-night show A Little Late With Lilly Singh. Most notably, the writing staff has been almost completely reworked with new head writer Chelsea Davison and staff writers Vannessa Jackson, Sabeeh Jameel, Romen Borsellino, Nimesh Patel, Neuli Handa, and Natasha Vaynblat. Neil Punsalan will also serve as showrunner. It’s time to get goofy, be imperfect and bring my full authentic self to late night.”


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