According to Deadline, Obvious Child’s Gillian Robespierre co-wrote the script and will direct the film, which promises to further explore “the boundaries between pleasure and possession” while blurring the lines between the real and fantasy worlds. Related

Let’s Celebrate the Stinky Heroines of Repulsive Realist Fiction

Tags: (Also, prepare for the likelihood of some repulsively realistic scenes: The novel features lines such as “mismatched brown balls” and “vaginal juices on the paper.”) We hope that this merman is more attractive than Old Gregg. Photo: Isabel Infantes/PA Images/Getty Images

She ruled Britain, so she may as well have jurisdiction over the sea, too. candidate studying Sappho who, thanks to a breakup and writer’s block, begins to fall in lust with a merman while summering in Venice Beach. Former monarch Claire Foy will be starring in a film adaptation of Melissa Broder’s The Pisces, a viciously dark novel that revolves around a depressed Ph.D.