Among other allegations, Chance’s new suit alleges that Corcoran tried to promote his wine company, No Fine Print, and his record company, Nice Work, using his associations with Chance. In the new filings, according to Pitchfork, Chance claims that “the album received many favorable reviews” and goes on to downplay much of the influence Corcoran — widely credited with Chance’s early independent success — has had on his career. In the suit, Chance’s team says that Corcoran got Live Nation to agree to buy No Fine Print wine while negotiating a Chance tour and that Chance was unaware of the deal at the time. Related

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Tags: Corcoran’s initial suit claimed Chance owed him over $3 million in missed commissions, which were unpaid after his firing in April 2020. “The defendants have elected to attack Mr. According to Pitchfork, Chance (born Chancelor Bennett) has filed to dismiss most of the claims made by Pat Corcoran and has filed a separate lawsuit against him — while slipping in a defense of his album The Big Day on top of it all. Bennett developed over many years of collaboration.” Corcoran’s team added, “Mr. Pat the Manager) outstanding fees through their agreement that Corcoran would earn 15 percent of Chance’s net profits. “The aspersions cast by the Chance camp are offensive and do not reflect the reality of the relationship that Mr. “Corcoran had all but abandoned his management responsibilities prior to and during the creation of the album, choosing to delegate his responsibilities to his employees so he could spend more time pursuing his own separate interests and the interests of his other businesses,” Chance’s legal team now claims. Corcoran’s character and rewrite history,” the statement said. Corcoran’s legal team countered the new filings in a statement to Pitchfork. Corcoran and Mr. Bennett trusts the legal system to reveal the truth of the parties’ relationship in due course.”

Corcoran’s lawsuit notably criticized Chance’s most recent album, The Big Day, released in July 2019. Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Chance the Rapper has responded to the lawsuit filed by his former manager. (Corcoran’s current suit against Chance also claims breach of contract, among other counts.) In a statement to Pitchfork, Chance’s legal team called Corcoran’s suit “a groundless and insulting lawsuit that ignores his own improper self-dealing and incompetence.” Chance’s team added, “Mr. In the suit, Corcoran called it “a freestyle-driven product of sub-par quality” and “a complete deviation from the meticulous writing process that brought Bennett fame for his wordplay and wit” and cited multiple incidents of Chance ignoring Corcoran’s management advice, which ultimately led to his firing. Chance is suing for over $3 million in response, citing breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, and breach of contract. Chiefly, Chance is claiming his team does not owe Corcoran (a.k.a. Corcoran looks forward to presenting his claims and airing out the defendants’ baseless accusations in court.” And we look forward to a final ruling on the quality of The Big Day.