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In retrospect, some A+ acting from Agatha pretending to be woken up by Vision. Video: Disney+

Also further reason she loathes Billy and Tommy. Video: Disney+

Choosing to believe this was Agatha subliminally tormenting Wanda by referencing the Snap. Experiments in TV production design? Grief? Video: Disney+

And now! Video: Disney+

Ridiculous levels of backward motion achieved with the leaning here; those are Yale Drama School skills. Video: Disney+

Does Agatha always make sure she summons chairs with her name embroidered on them? Video: Disney+

Introducing Agnes/Agatha’s pet rabbit, of whom she is so proud. Personally, I have no idea, but I appreciate it primarily as a vehicle for Kathryn Hahn to have fun clowning around. Is this in her witch rider? Video: Disney+

Loves bunnies, hates children and dogs, a villain for sure. Video: Disney+

You didn’t think Kathryn Hahn would join a Disney+ show just to be the random neighbor, did you? A tale as old as time. Hahn’s not exactly an unappreciated actor (she’s been so good for so long!), but she definitely steals the screen every time she appears in the show as Agnes, Wanda and Vision’s meddling neighbor, and definitely once she reveals herself to be — come on, this isn’t a spoiler at this point — Agatha, the witch who claims to be behind it all along. Video: Disney+

The most important trait in any sitcom neighbor is the ability to open doors dramatically. Franchise building? Video: Disney+

Always check your lashes before entangling a sentient robot in your evil plot to do, well … something involving his magical wife. An excuse to write a bunch of theme songs around the same musical intervals? More WandaVision

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What Are the Commercials in WandaVision Telling Us? As we wait for the next episode of WandaVision to get into more about Agatha’s whole scheme, we thought it was only right to compile a little GIF tribute to all Hahn has done so far this season. The grand reveal of Agatha herself, with Señor Scratchy in hand, of course. Video: Disney+

No idea why Agatha needed to have a picnic while summoning the multiverse version of Wanda’s brother to her 1980s home, but bless her for going all out for the sake of the drama. Video: Disney+

We love a dramatic aspect-ratio change. Video: Disney+

Our first indication that Agatha’s powers have no sway over Billy and Tommy. We’ll update with more good moments of Kathryn Hahn’s scheming as Agatha continues to wreak havoc in Westview. Please enjoy and muse upon how well Hahn’s performance works in retrospect, knowing that she’s scheming the whole time. Video: Disney+

Witches and children!