Welcome to the world,” and her partner John Gaines also shared the photo with the caption, “I love you @victoriamonet. Of course you do, because it was poetry. Related

Victoria Monét Is Pregnant With Her First Child and the Announcement Is Art

Victoria Monét Wants to Know If You Need a ‘F.*.*.K.’

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Remember in December (rhyme!) when Victoria Monét captioned her pregnancy announcement, “Hold my pinky with the grip of your little fingers until we can hold hands and walk through this world together rain or shine”? On February 26, the “F.U.C.K.” singer shared the first photo of her newborn daughter, and the baby is already an overachiever, holding Monét’s whole entire index finger with her perfect wee teeny little baby grip. #girldad.”

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Welcome baby Hazel, now-and-forever title holder of first Pisces celebrity pandemic baby. Monét shared that her daughter’s name is Hazel Monét Gaines, and that she was born on February 21. Thank you for the best early birthday gift I could ask for. Slay, mom! Monét captioned the announcement, “Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!