Strong revived her Greene impression on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, coming in hot on the Weekend Update desk by pulling a gun on Colin Jost because she sat on it. She’s “Congress’s new It girl,” meaning “It like the evil clown that prays on children,” and she’s there to tell Jost to “trust the sience,” spelled wrong, “unless that science is about climate change, coronavirus, space lasers, evolution, the metric system, the rhythm method, breastfeeding, living on Mars, Jesus’s skin color, or Santa’s skin color by the way which is white.” Greene has a third grader’s understanding of gender (“big hairy chest just like King Kong, crack in the butt, two balls, ding dong,”) but she’s going to try to regulate it anyway. Strong gives Greene a ridiculous new character tic: Her sneezes are like mini exorcisms because “when I was a little girl, I sneezed once and no one said ‘bless you,’ so a demon got in.” It explains so much. Related

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Tags: Republican QAnon-believing conspiracy theorist transphobic state Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is the perfect Cecily Strong character: She loudly sows misinformation with all the confidence of an expert, like if “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation with” had a national platform and a seat in government.