Tony- and Emmy-winner Patinkin comes to the series after eight seasons of another political drama, Showtime’s Homeland. According a release, Patinkin will play “a layman with no legal training who spontaneously decides to open a court in the back of a copy shop” named Hal Wackner. Because what else is a stage icon to do with Broadway closed? Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

As if there weren’t already enough Broadway mainstays in The Good Fight, Mandy Patinkin will join the series for its fifth season. Related

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Tags: His joining The Good Fight coincides with its move to Paramount+ after four seasons on CBS All Access. “We are the biggest fans of Mandy’s stage, screen, and now YouTube work, so we couldn’t be more excited for him to play Wackner,” showrunners Robert and Michelle King said in a statement. “We only worry that he’ll have less time to do his fantastic work on YouTube.” That’s one judgment we can recognize.