Do you know how much fun that is?” but that what matters is “you gotta have the story.” To this excuse, Colbert took off his glasses in exasperation. “No one’s ever put it that bluntly before and I really respect your honesty. You have to have the story? franchise. Are you reading this, Ol? Really it should just be a party that’s filmed.” She also told him, “you can be there.” Maybe as a fourth possible-dad? Amanda Seyfried may be nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Mank, and the Oscars are only a week away, but Stephen Colbert asked her about what we really wanted to know on last night’s episode of Late Show, and it had very little to do with her performance as live-action Betty Boop Marion Davies. Have you seen the Mamma Mia! If it were up to me, there would be eight Mamma Mias. It’s money money money on the table. I am calling bullshit.” Seyfried thanked Colbert for his candor. “I’m sorry. movies? Producer Hints at Another Sequel: ‘There’s Meant to Be a Trilogy’

Tags: We’re waiting for the next song. “Definitely third Mamma Mia!. Definitely no third child,” Seyfried answered, clarifying Colbert’s question, which was whether or not she’ll “take a chance on three.” Seyfried explained, “Listen. What we’re really dying to know about Seyfried’s career is whether or not she wants to make a third movie in the Mamma Mia! Related

Mamma Mia!