Tessa Violet is a former YouTuber who went by the name Meekakitty, so it’s fitting with the extremely online nature of Twilight revivalism that she’d nail the 2008 movie’s famous foggy bluescale and totally capture Alice Cullen’s unique pitching pose. Everyone deserves to live their vampire baseball pop star fantasy. Released today, Violet’s music video is full of fannish details, from the font, to the Emmet stand-in’s sideways hat, to one of the lovelytheband members wearing Victoria’s fluffy white coat. Real Twihards know from the thumbnail alone that in the music video for “Games,” Tessa Violet & lovelytheband pay homage to the most important piece of Expressionist filmmaking of the 21st century: the baseball scene from Twilight, of course. Best of all is an appearance by Peter Facinelli, who played Carlisle in the films, definitely live and in-person. Related

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