“It was a terrible concept that could’ve fundamentally undermined the very important message that we were trying to send and I’m so, so glad that we avoided making that mistake.” Still, we can appreciate the details. We emailed our mascot guy and we told him not to come in, because it was an absolutely stupid idea,” Oliver explained, with the li’l critter lurking in the background. Look at his bib! “After being advised that this technique would not be remotely effective in convincing people who were hesitant, we scrapped the idea completely. Related

John Oliver Is Taking Last Week Tonight’s Mascot Budget ‘to My Grave’

Tags: John Oliver, the undisputed mascot god of late-night television, dedicated his Sunday Last Week Tonight episode to a growing concern in our country: Vaccine hesitancy, or why adults are being persuaded by noted dumbasses Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan to ignore the COVID-19 jabs. Oliver even had a brand-new mascot costume commissioned to convince people to get the vaccine, before being told by the show’s experts that it would be a waste of time and thousands of dollars: These anti-vaxxers “don’t respond well” to celebrities telling them to get the vaccine, even if an incongruous mascot such as, say, a vaccine cicada came out to help.