Unlike Libby and Andrei, Michael and Angela are interesting enough to justify the franchise’s obsession with them. Julia and Brandon’s relationship has taken a pretty fun turn now that we can see how little they know about each other. She’s giving him a chance to prove himself. Now, however, the issue is that Angela will also have to get breast reduction surgery. Forgiving Is Not Forgetting

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For so many seasons now, the 90 Day franchise has tried to convince us that Andrei and Libby are an interesting couple. We last saw them in the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 finale, and the show picks up right where they left off. Yara is a frantic new mom. They need to get their shit together for round two! Brandon looked so sad when Julia didn’t know his favorite color! Angela has ended things with Michael a million times over minor issues, so of course he’s worried that a new, more self-confident Angela will be even faster to end things when they have problems. I can’t say I was shocked when her visa was denied. Jovi is buying the wrong size diapers, but he is buying the right amount of beer to get him through the night. With Kalini now living with them, she’s absolutely going to force them to have difficult conversations and realize how big their issues are. In the end, it’s her baby and if we want that baby to be as fabulous and outspoken as Yara, let her raise her kid! But at a certain point, their constant arguments over who should apologize and who shouldn’t apologize get tired. I think she’s right to save that money rather than flying all the way to South Africa to support two kids and her husband alone. Tiffany is incredibly lucky to have a mom who will simply tell it like it is: Ronald is just going to be a third child for her to raise and she could do better. Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. Until Jovi is willing to dedicate all of his time to being with his family, Yara gets final say. Is Kalani listening to her sister and family, though? Look, Family Libby, you will NEVER be the Family Chantal, and frankly the show should stop treating their family drama as interesting. Kalani has decided that buying a house together is the way to fix her marriage. Email

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Terms of Service apply. Because here’s the thing: they’re all awful! Especially since Jovi hasn’t gotten a new job and is leaving Yara all alone for two months. No one ever comes out looking good in this family, but now things are starting to feel even more sinister, as though the family is plotting for a Family Chantal-like spin-off based around their dad’s house-flipping business. You can read the 3,000 word 90 Day Fiance manifesto I wrote here! Kalini can tell Asuelu is faking it, so it’s only a matter of time before the real Asuelu breaks through. Tiffany lived in a house with two kids, her mom, and her grandma, and finally has her own space. If she needs money for furniture, Ronald should understand that. •  “You won’t be able to pull on them like you like” Thank you for the nightmares, Angela. Not at all. COVID-19 restrictions also played a part, sure, but hopefully this was a wake-up call for them. Libby is awful! Obviously, the franchise is always looking for new series to bring into the fold, but everything about Charlie’s anger and Libby’s sister storming into a rental property feels so staged. Now that they’re out of the way, let’s get back to my absolute favorite 90 Day couple: Yara and Jovi! Tiffany is clearly at the end of her rope with Ronald and he doesn’t at all understand why she chose to cancel their trip. If you watched the spin-off Love Games, you know about Michael’s disgusting fascination with Angela’s breasts, so this is a difficult loss for him. •  No Natalie and Mike this week! Of course, Tiffany wants to make it work with the father of her child, but she might need to accept that what’s best for her kids is riding solo. • I know we have a lot of fun talking about 90 Day Fiancé in these reviews, but I was invited to the True/False documentary film fest in Columbia, MO this week to talk about the show and how it’s changing the landscape of reality TV! Yes, it was great watching Charlie make a drunk fool of himself at their wedding. Andrei is awful! Yara was a beautiful ice queen when she was introduced, and watching Mylah melt her heart is wonderful, but it’s great that she still knows how to pull out her knives when Jovi’s mom oversteps. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? At least Tiffany sees the writing on the wall and is making Ronald face actual consequences. Finally, there’s Michael and Angela. Thank goodness! Kalani’s sister clearly thinks that’s a bad idea and it’s impossible for her to put on a fake face. As much as I think these two wild kids love each other, they didn’t seem particularly prepared. Michael’s family has made a good point in saying that if Angela really cared about their relationship, she’d use this weight loss money for a surrogate and baby. Her dad is awful! While Angela is unfairly jealous of Michael and won’t even let him talk to other women, Michael knows their history. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! Yes, Andrei’s confidence and ability to ask for $100,000 with a straight face is entertaining. Yara and Gwen have a great relationship, but Yara is right to stand up for herself! No. 90 Day Notes

• Tiffany’s mom really came in hot with the “Ronald means nothing to me.” We love it. Her siblings are awful! We’ve seen how other couples put together binders and notebooks full of photos and letters to prove their relationship, and Brandon and Julia seem like they thought they could just shrug their way through the interview. I love when there are beacons of truth on 90 Day Fiancé like Yara, people who simply cannot follow social norms and say things like “I’m happy for you!” This is also why I love Kalani’s sister and, now, Tiffany’s mom. This is very different from Kalani, who has a lot of the same issues with Asuelu. Tags: