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Don’t we all. But most important, a team leader. Michelle Davis Strongly Believes That Tater Tots Are a Breakfast Food

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Photo: Showtime

Iconic lower-third. Photo: Showtime

From blurry IG Live screenshots to all the editing Showtime money can buy, Ziwe is still made for the internet. Photo: Showtime

Photo: Showtime

Two moods felt deeply. The new variety show based on comedian Ziwe’s deliciously uncomfortable live show isn’t just a conversation starter — it’s a reaction pic, a fancam, and a fiery political debate all rolled into sketches, musical performances, some self-aware editing, and her signature “gotcha” interview style. Photo: Showtime

An even more powerful advocate. Episode 1: “55%”

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It takes a team! POV: You’re an iconic guest, and Ziwe looks at you like this. If these moments aren’t already viral, they should be. Because this is the internet, we have decided to capture screenshots from each iconic episode of Ziwe. Photo: Showtime

Must be nice! Make Yourself Uncomfortable. Photo: Showtime


Photo: Showtime

A powerful advocate. Check back as we update this after every episode of the weekly show. Even if you’re not one of those viewers who must pause and/or rewind to really appreciate the levels of a joke, these Ziwe moments are hilarious in their own right, no context necessary. Photo: Showtime

Shot! Photo: Showtime

The role Cole Escola was born to play. Photo: Showtime

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Welcome to Ziwe’s House. It’s the best parts of Twitter without having to log on, thanks to Ziwe and writers Cole Escola, Jamund Washington, Jordan Mendoza, and Michelle Davis.