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Tags: Beav, refer to the Wikipedia article for “sex,” and carry tiny swords in case a mini-duel breaks out isn’t exactly long-term relationship material, but after 2020, you’re not worried about IRL material right now. wait, a lot fewer oysters before the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s see: persistence, great taste in vinyl bucket hats, and the ways and means to purchase and transport one hundred oysters? Of course, the fact Bowen and Keegan-Michael shop at L.L. The last FaceTime date I went on turned out to be a pocket dial.” Hey, at least you know you’ll be able to beat them at Charades. Suddenly, Keegan-Michael Key and Bowen Yang’s extremely strange bachelors don’t look like such bad options. “We’re not going home with either of them! Are…are we?,” Kate says. “I mean, it’s been a year since I hooked up with somebody, should I just do it?” Reasons Aidy, “Honestly, maybe? “They’re either here for Comic-Con, or the porn producers reunion,” their waiter guesses. As Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon realize during this weekend’s Saturday Night Live bar sketch, they’ve done worse and for a lot less….