It is the moment. “Ima just go to the rocks. Meyers main argument against that reading of events was that normal Wednesdays don’t have field correspondents from the BBC recapping them. It’s so good, you guys. Meyers narrates the clip from the POV of the baby iguana trying its darndest not to get eaten by so, so many snakes. Have you seen Taskmaster? The baby-iguana-vs.-snakes chase scene is an icon, it is a legend. There’s also clearly a British comedy stan on staff at Late Night, because the segment calls out panel shows Mock the Week and Taskmaster. In fairness, Meyers also pointed out that things always seem more dramatic when narrated with a British voice, a point he illustrated by redoing the narration to the best scene in Planet Earth II. The rocks will a safe place for me,” Meyers-as-Iguana says, only to realize, “Oh no, they live there.” It is less dramatic than the OG Attenborough. Wednesday’s “Closer Look” on Late Night With Seth Meyers examined the GOP attempt to rewrite the Capitol Riots as a peaceful, normal Wednesday. Related

Planet Earth II Recap: The One With the Islands