When she incredulously says that Charles doesn’t believe her, his response is “Can you blame me?,” again alluding to the fact that he still isn’t over Liza’s initial lie. Outside, Liza is livid. Not much new is gleaned from this, but when Liza brings up that Charles “wanted to get married all of a sudden,” Charles says that he wanted to get married because he wanted to know Liza loved him fully; that he had all of her. They are on the same page, all the way. Even Charles has caught wind of its success. • Lauren has several fun moments in this episode, including comparing Kelsey dating Rob to her favorite show, Chernobyl. Meaning: He commends Kelsey and Liza on the Dylan Park stuff, but he still refuses to sign her to Empirical. He doesn’t hesitate to tell Susan and Jonah thanks but no thanks, if they are going to use a pen name, Empirical isn’t interested. Kelsey deserves a big win, and I hope Inkubator is finally it. The ladies are super-cagey about allowing Redmond to meet her, and eventually Redmond realizes that it’s because they haven’t actually signed her and if she gets an agent, she could go to whichever publishing house had the highest bid; they could lose the buzzy author they discovered. She explains that she simply didn’t want to get married and that wasn’t good enough for ol’ Chuck. What this argument really does, however, is give anyone still holding out for a Liza and Charles reunion some hope: Now that we know for sure Charles’s ultimatum was less about actually getting married and more about fully trusting Liza and that Liza has outright said she still loves him, there is a path for these attractive tall people to find their way back to one another. • Maggie’s been in hiding since being canceled, but it seems she’s been inspired to create a new show. • Also inspired? So Kelsey says screw Charles. It’s poised to be a huge hit based on their reputations alone, so Charles is super into it. So she comes up with her own plan: They’re going to turn Inkubator into an app where people will pay for content, including the end of Dylan’s book. Be still my heart!) Unfortunately, Charles is still a colossal dick and is stuck on this idea of only publishing established authors who will sell. The Dylan Park stuff goes from a frustrating issue to a potentially huge problem once Redmond gives Kelsey a call. Part of it, perhaps, is because he’s suddenly all about making those dough stacks this season and he thinks not utilizing their built-in base could hinder sales, but also it becomes clear that a lot of his objections — it’s manipulative to lie about your identity! Apparently, he’s convinced marriage is the only way for Liza to prove that. Lauren’s bit where she is simultaneously figuring out and covering up Kelsey’s relationship with Rob in front of Clare and transitions into singing Rent. Email

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Most fans seem to be in agreement that this season of Younger is not the triumphant, bubbly swan song the show deserves. Of course nothing really is, except his strict adherence to cultural traditions. I mean, people will riot in the streets after having gotten almost all of the book for free and then suddenly having to pay for the end, but you know what? Tags: VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! Liza is, well, she’s feeling a whole host of emotions because she does love him fully and to have him question that not only hurts, but is a little offensive. — are residual feelings from the Liza of it all. • Oh, wow, Younger hasn’t been doing a great job of covering up Hilary Duff’s pregnancy but that giant foam finger from the hockey game made me laugh out loud. Time will tell if that’s the route the show is planning to take as we hit the final batch of episodes. I’ll keep harping on it, but the fact that Charles got rejected and then completely moved on without expressing any type of real hurt or anger or loss is astounding and aggravating as an invested viewer. What is this chick’s endgame?? Footnotes

• Lauren lets it slip that Charles proposed to Liza, which is apparently news to Quinn. Oh, hey! Meanwhile, there is some movement on the Liza-Charles front. And that’s how they get back into the argument surrounding their breakup. Honestly, I don’t hate it — for two people who were so in love and ended so abruptly, there hasn’t been nearly enough emotional fallout. And by movement, I mostly mean they’re rehashing their issues. Like I said, still a dick. He just accepts this and leaves, which is, again, a major part of the problem with this dynamic this season: FIGHT FOR HER, DUDE. But there is some good news! Here, the two are forced to team up and try to win over married couple Susan (played by Jessica Hecht, coincidentally also Susan on Friends!), a food writer, and Jonah, a literary novelist who are writing a spy novel together. “I wish I didn’t love you,” she says before refusing to ride back to the city with him. It’s weird! She thinks it is yet one more example of Charles being outrageously stubborn — everything has to be on his terms or not at all. Did that surfing-sex book sell? Liza and Charles are a good team, we know this, so it’s no surprise that Susan and Jonah love their work, select them to be their editors, and invite them to a dinner at their house to celebrate the new partnership. Quinn takes Liza out for a little doughnut chat to find out why Liza said no — what’s wrong with Charles? He meets with Kelsey and Liza because he’s interested in becoming Dylan’s agent. It will most definitely blow up in her face, but since we are finally getting Kelsey story lines in multiple aspects of her life after nine episodes, we’ll worry about those consequences later. This deeply offends Charles. (Does Charles read Vulture now?? Well, actually, she says she’s done trying to convince him that she understands what’s valuable — she already proved her worth and her taste level when she built Millennial into the thing that saved Empirical not too long ago. The only issue is that no gallery wants her, so she’ll be displaying it in the spare room at the local dive bar. She is wallowing. When Liza and Charles stay late to work on notes to present Susan and Jonah in hopes of being selected as their publishing house, there are some flirty moments, but mostly it’s a reminder of how right they are for each other. Here’s the thing: Quinn seems to have no interest in getting hitched either — prenups for billionaires are exhausting — but then at the end of the episode she tells Charles that she would’ve said yes to him. On top of that, he tells the ladies to focus on authors people will actually pay to read. I mean, I wouldn’t have hated a lingering hand graze or something, but it’s clear these two characters should’ve never broken up. — and, at worst, complete misfires, like the Greta Thunberg “parody” that still makes me cringe.)

Apparently, Dylan Park’s chapters — why haven’t we physically seen this character again since the first time we met her?