The heart-racing show is already renewed for a fifth season, with new stars Valentina Zenere and André Lamoglia. “Quién es la chica?” Nadia checks her long-distance man. “Don’t be scared,” one of the new girls whispers. Since Elite season three ended with beloved troublemakers Nadia, Lucrecia, and Malick heading west, the season-four trailer of Netflix’s sexy Spanish YA drama introduces us to several new kids: Manu Rios (El Chiringuito de Pepe), the latest temptation thwarting Omander; finally a love interest for Rebe, played by Martina Cariddi (Mientras dure la guerra); Pol Granch, who plays Franco Spanish royalty; and Carla Díaz (El Príncipe), who immediately catches the eye of Guzmán. Related

Elite Season 3’s Most Gasp-Worthy Moments

Tags: Relationships are threatened, ignited, and potentially ending. Additional new cast members include Andrés Velencoso (Velvet Colección, Edha) and Diego Martín (Velvet, Familia) as two more negligent adults. Elite is back June 18. Class is back in session at Las Encinas High School and if we have it our way, not a single lesson will be learned.