A press release quoted by Pitchfork says they are “buzz tracks in anticipation of her upcoming 8th studio album,” which she announced equally randomly last month. Lana Del Rey’s famously “soft personality” was completely quiet today as she uploaded three lush new singles to all streaming platforms. Sources



Lana Del Rey’s 10-Year War With the Culture

Tags: “Text Book,” “Wildflower Wildfire,” and “Blue Banisters” are each accompanied by the same grainy selfie of Del Rey, legal name Elizabeth Grant, with different filters. It’s unclear if it’s a separate project from Blue Banisters, but, either way, Lana Del Rey fans are going to have a film-worthy summer. Last year, she released her seventh record, Chemtrails Over the Country Club. The album, also titled Blue Banisters, is set to arrive on July 4. At the time, she stated her next album would be out in June, titled Rock Candy Sweet, along with the same selfie. Photo: YouTube

Lana Del Rey said soft-girl summer has rights!