But you probably already could have guessed that, from the black-and-white. Honey, you’re about to have your heart shattered by someone baring their soul. When a music video’s filmed in black-and-white, you know it’s serious. Without any additional production and just some simple guitar-picking, Rodrigo’s songwriting is front and center in this performance. So we don’t have to warn you that Olivia Rodrigo’s new live music video for her song “enough for you,” from her new album Sour, is powerful, to say the least. When it’s filmed in black-and-white and it consists of a solo artist sitting on a stool playing an acoustic guitar? Related

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Olivia Rodrigo Is (Not So) Sweet and Low on Newly Released Debut Album Sour

Tags: For better or for worse, the emotional journey writ plain on Rodrigo’s face through the video will remind you of every breakup you’ve ever had.