There’s “Chustlers,” which is like chess and Hustlers, which is mostly just an excuse for Ego Nwodim to wear J.Lo’s big fur coat from the movie. “Sometimes when a host is really known for like, one popular thing, everyone tries to write something about it.” That’s how Aidy Bryant explains the premise of this cut-for-time sketch from last night’s Saturday Night Live, in which the players all accost host Anya Taylor-Joy with possible Queen’s Gambit parodies, each more ridiculous than the last. Related

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Tags: There’s Kate McKinnon’s “Queens Gambit,” note the omitted apostrophe, in which Taylor-Joy faces off against McKinnon’s take on Fran Fine. Very nice. Bryant apologizes for her idea (Free Willie with a giant chess piece that jumps out of the water) by saying, “the world ended and we kept doing our skits.” We won’t spoil the rest of the spoof fake-outs in this sketch, except to say that “Queen’s Borat” is a good idea and we’d watch it. There’s Beck Bennett’s “Queen’s Eye for the Gambit Guy,” which features a nightmare-fuel CGI rendition of a human-size sentient pawn with JVN’s hair.