What made this segment feel like a swan song was Strong-as-Pirro breaking out into a rendition of “My Way,” first splaying herself across the desk and then submerging herself in a giant glass pool of boxed wine, drenching Jost with every belt. Strong’s Pirro speaks from her chest as she complains about the U.S.-Mexico border and raves about Mar-a-Lago, where “there’s an endless buffet of rubbery shrimp and the air smells like a bathroom stall that’s been freshly sprayed with Poo-Pourri.” She says she’s “proud to be a small-town girl who grew up on an airport tarmac.” And she keeps sloshing and splashing her glass of wine all over poor Colin Jost, who takes it like a champ. Most send-off-ish of all was Cecily Strong’s return to “Weekend Update” with her brilliantly deranged impersonation of Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro, resplendent with vim, vigor, and vino. Related

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Tags: We hope this isn’t good-bye. It has all the markers of a triumphant send-off, but no word has been said about who’s returning and who’s leaving SNL after this season. Last night was the season finale of Saturday Night Live, and everything, from the cold open to Pete Davidson’s desk bit, felt like a send-off.