Located at “Avenue E & Jill Zarin Blvd,” Enid & Astrid’s “Brawr Barn” specializes in “brawrs” with names like “The Fortress,” “The Straight-Jacket,” and “The Load Bearing Wall.” It’s the sort of place where they’ll give you a full-contact examination to determine your true size, because “this is a medical experience. “Good for you. But the real star of this sketch is the brawrs themselves. And on the more intentional side of things, host Anya Taylor-Joy co-starred with Aidy Bryant in a hilarious ad parody for the sort of unsexy bra store that provides no-nonsense, scaffolding-level support to big-chested gals. Prop comedy is alive and well. Related

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Tags: We are one step away from a hospital.” It’s a place where they’ll turn Chloe Fineman away because “this is not a place for you!” It’s a place where “you’re gonna go up the stairs and be like, is this apartments? Ignore that.” Taylor-Joy’s wig is an ode to Linda Richman, and Bryant’s is a structural impossibility. It was a big night for undies on Saturday Night Live yesterday. For one, Lil Nas X went so hard singing “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” that he ripped his pants mid-performance. Enjoy being able to jog,” says Bryant. You’re unfamiliar with the concept of this sort of store?