Dr. “I look forward to once again doing shows for an audience I can smell and touch.” Colbert’s return to having a studio audience is a big step, as it’s the largest audience in late night with a capacity of over 400. The show still intends to continue testing staff and crew, as well as monitoring them for symptoms. So you are free to laugh unencumbered by a cotton rectangle! The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has announced it will be welcoming back a live audience — of fully vaccinated individuals, of course — on June 14. The Late Show has been away from live audiences for over a year, having produced over 200 episodes remotely. “Over the last 437 days, my staff and crew (and family!) have amazed me with their professionalism and creativity as we made shows for an audience we couldn’t see or hear,” Colbert said in a statement. Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Congratulations to the vaccinated: Not only are you protected from severe infection of COVID-19, you are also welcome to reenter the Ed Sullivan theater. Fauci Tells Stephen Colbert He Can’t Go Clubbing Yet

Tags: As for this big, real-life audience, they will merely need to provide proof of vaccination, and face masks will be optional. It also plans to retain a COVID-19 compliance officer and follow all other health and safety protocols.