They’re less toxic.”

In addition to the fucking zombies, Snyder added all sorts of sequel hooks into his movie. These zombies fuck. Never let it be said that Zack Snyder lacks ideas. Sources




How Zack Snyder Swapped in Tig Notaro in ‘Army of the Dead’

Tags: The Army of the Dead director follows his muse wherever it goes, like the time he tried to write a sequel to 300 but it just turned into Alexander the Great yaoi. Photo: Netflix

ARMY OF THE DEAD SUBPLOT SPOILERS BELOW. “I believe that some zombie love happened, some sweet zombie lovemaking,” he said. Speaking to Esquire, Snyder confirmed that the zombie fetus in Army of the Dead is the product of zombie sex. “They’re no longer destroying their environment. It was probably pretty aggressive.” Snyder added that the zombie baby was proof that the alphas are evolving beyond the need for humans as meat or fodder to create more alphas. He also innovated in the zombie sphere with his latest opus for Netflix. They’re not fighting with each other. Speaking to Polygon, Snyder mentioned that there’s a robot zombie somewhere in the film, and that he’s still trying to get Netflix to sign off on his “big, giant, crazy” sequel. They’re less bad for everybody. “They’re like a better us,” he said. “I don’t know if it was sweet.