According to CNN, you can get your card laminated for free at Staples or Office Depot, if you’re looking to make it even more unwieldy. In the city of New York, if you have proof of full vaccination against COVID, you can get free Shake Shack fries, a jello-shot worth of Junior’s cheesecake, and a Krispy Kreme donut. That guy is weird. Also remember when he endorsed Mitt Romney, then later sang a song against Romney for Kellyanne Conway? The Daily Show With Trevor Noah sent Michael Kosta into the streets of New York to get all the free shit available to those with a full vaccination card. Maybe they don’t feel like schlepping the weirdly-sized vaxx card with them around Times Square. But Kosta found that most people wanted to get vaccinated to, um, take care of their fellow man? Related

Krispy Kreme Vaccine Doughnut Deal Also Available to Anti-Vaxxers

Tags: Kosta also briefly touched base with the Naked Cowboy, who was recently arrested for panhandling (and allegedly saying the N-word) in Daytona Beach.