When Davidson and fellow cast member Chris Redd were asked for their thoughts on Thompson’s exceptionally long tenure on the show, they both agreed that wasn’t for them. And then there was this remark from Pete Davidson at the end of his “Weekend Update” segment: “I’m very grateful to be here, and it’s been an honor to grow up in front of you guys, so thanks.” Now, Davidson’s appearance at The Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy Actor Roundtable could swirl rumors even more than they were already swirled. Or both?! Then Strong belted out “My Way,” a classic good-bye anthem. “I would never do 18 seasons,” Redd said. Davidson was even more direct: “Yeah, I’m good. I’m surprised I made it to seven. Or he’s very tired. While no official announcement has been made, it’s safe to say that comments like these will continue to keep the employees of our nation’s rumor mill very busy this summer. Related

This Better Not Mean Cecily Strong Is Leaving SNL

Tags: Kenan’s like fuckin’ Karl Malone out there.” For those of you who don’t watch basketball, this means he is ready to quit! First, there was that tearful cold open in which it sure seemed like Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, and Kenan Thompson were possibly maybe kinda sorta saying their good-byes. I’m ready to hang up the jersey. Photo: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Following Saturday Night Live’s season finale this past weekend, rumors began to swirl that several of the show’s main cast members may be leaving.