1 debut — set to be the boys’ third, following “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On.” Talk about a hot streak. It caps off a busy week that also saw BTS debuting the single at May 23’s Billboard Music Awards and introducing their BTS Meal collaboration with McDonald’s. 💜💜💜#BTSonGMA#BTS#ARMY@Caesars_Rewards #EveryWayYouPlayhttps://t.co/kmtgIU3odu pic.twitter.com/NgAZOOlTTf— Good Morning America (@GMA) May 28, 2021


It’s True: BTS and McDonald’s Are the Dream Combo Meal

BTS Is the Definition of Smooth at the BBMAs With Debut ‘Butter’ Performance

BTS Melts All the Other Song of the Summer Contenders With New ‘Butter’ Video

Tags: During that time, “Butter” has also broken global streaming records on a smooth ride to a likely No. The K-pop superstar group released the “hotter remix” of current single “Butter,” their second all-English song after “Dynamite,” on May 28. The remix adds a bouncing synth line to the already groovy song and comes with a new low-key music video, featuring each immaculately dressed member of the group taking turns in front of the camera. And if the smiles and winks weren’t enough to melt you, BTS also performed “Butter” on May 28’s Good Morning America, kicking off the show’s summer concert series by performing their smooth choreography in matching white suits. .@BTS_twt is smooth like BUTTER! Now that the BTS boys have buttered us up, they’re back to make us melt.