18 Seconds of Adam Driver Singing ‘Being Alive’ From Company

Tags: on August 6. Also, there’s music from the Ron Mael and Russell Mael of the duo Sparks. As we barrel forward into 2021, year of movie musicals, we’ve gotten a little more of a taste of the most experimental and European entry of the bunch. In Annette, Driver plays an “outspoken stand-up comedian” (sure!) while Cotillard is “a world-famous singer,” and their happy celebrity couple life gets upended by the birth of their first child, Annette. Above, you can listen to the lead single “So May We Start” from Leos Carax’s film Annette, sung by its stars Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard and featuring, of course, The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg. Annette will open the Cannes Film Festival (how could an Adam Driver–Marion Cotillard musical not open the Cannes Film Festival?) and will later premiere in the U.S.