They are reunited just as Gwen is discharged. — and eventually starts talking about how none of this feels right and maybe they should postpone. It’s a way to “make sure this world, our world, doesn’t go back to normal,” Bailey tells her as she tries to sell Mer on the job. They still have to quarantine, but it’s all happening! Board

• Well, Amelia’s angsting again. Only moms can really, fully care about their patients?? By the time week six rolls around, however, Mer has a new outlook: Whatever life is going to look like for her down the road, she certainly doesn’t want it to go back to how it was before. — but the latest installment, “I’m Still Standing,” goes in the complete opposite direction, for better or worse: That’s right, we’re speeding through six weeks in one episode! She wants her life back, she tells Bailey. So, Schmitt and Nico are very much back on and it is hot. Since that moment, Schmitt has been avoiding his boyfriend. Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. Over these six weeks, she’s working on Skyler, a young woman with a brain injury who doesn’t wake up after surgery. They’re starting to make wedding plans and because of the pandemic, that’s proving difficult. Email

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Terms of Service apply. But Meredith doesn’t need to be persuaded, it sounds like the perfect job for her and she accepts. • Jo applies to be baby Luna’s legal guardian, but her application is denied because she doesn’t pass the background check. Later, we watch Schmitt knock on an apartment door, but he has not gone to get some hot, COVID safe loving from his new friend — he’s at Nico’s. Maggie shuts down every idea Winston has — brainstorming sessions are supposed to be safe spaces, Mags! They are also about Meredith trying to heal from her bout with COVID-19. After all seems lost, Amelia notices brain activity whenever Skyler hears music. Going “back to normal” means nothing has changed, nothing is better. It’s very dreamy and lovely, and now we’ll get a wedding before the season’s through! She’s inspired by what Avery and Koracick are doing, and she wants to figure out how to grow and learn and change, too. She doesn’t want more kids but Link really, really does. Just picking her kids up makes her feel exhausted and out of breath. He was all in, as the kids say. Bailey has an idea: She wants Meredith to take over the residency program. The O.R. Eventually, Webber and Maggie figure out that Gwen’s been faking, she admits everything, and they prepare to send her home. • As Amelia grows more obsessive with this case, Owen is like, “You need to remember that some patients don’t wake up,” and Amelia responds that Skyler is someone’s daughter and since she’s “a mom now” she can’t give up. Onward! Pierce! Like possibly that doctor who is leading the vaccine trial he’s volunteered for, who seems like a very good catch because (1) his face, (2) he is very flirty, and (3) um, hi, you did read the part about him running the COVID-19 vaccine trial, right? It’s very cool. Webber already has too many jobs (this made me giggle) and Meredith could do this as she works up her stamina. • Part of the reason why Amelia doesn’t want more children in the equation is because she gets obsessed with her patients. Honestly, this doctor is a good catch for No. She lost her husband months before and then her dog Jupiter ran away and it is the saddest little story! Amelia is ridiculous. Winston’s hurt by this but can’t really get a straight answer from Maggie as to what she wants. And buddies, after Schmitt admits that he panicked because he’s simply not used to Nico feeling things on the same level as he is, Nico makes a big, romantic speech about how Schmitt makes him a better person and he wants to take care of him — even watch The Lord of the Rings with him, something he swore he’d never do! Uhhh, so was Amelia just giving up on patients before because she wasn’t a mom?? “I never want to be without you,” he tells him, revealing that he’s been lighting soothing candles every night in hopes that Schmitt would show up (that seems like a lot of pointless work and this is coming from me, lover of grand gestures). And it means that Mer would be deciding who gets into the program and shaping their curriculum. Grey’s Anatomy
I’m Still Standing

Season 17

Episode 16

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It’s no secret that much of season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has been a slog — I mean, Meredith was in that COVID coma for 100 years alone! Does he want to date other people? She’s scared that she’ll never be able to operate again if she can’t be on her feet for long. We needed that! It should be everything he’s wanted, but he’s over waiting to start the vaccine trial he’s been accepted into and literally hiding from the guy he loves. Nico, surprising us all, stepped up to the plate and asked Schmitt to move in with him. But these six weeks are not just about romance. 3 alone. Winston is wholly on board with this plan. Tags: Last time we checked in with them, Schmitt had declared that he needed Nico to make room for him in his life, to be there for him and present in their relationship if it was going to work. She finally realized that nothing was going to feel perfect about their wedding because she’s missing her mom. Amelia figures out a way to communicate with Skyler using this brain activity even though Skyler can’t wake from her coma. — Maggie already flew out nana Ante and Mr. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! And that’s a good thing because — surprise! The other lovebirds wandering around Grey Sloan are, of course, our recently engaged couple, Maggie and Winston. She thinks they should fly out Winston’s nana Ante and her dad right away and have a little wedding ceremony with just their family; the big party can wait. By the time Schmitt comes in for his six-week check-in of the trial (he’s feeling fine, by the way), Vax Doc has invited him over to his place for a date. Why? Schmitt and Nico’s relationship has been very up and down since … well, since it started, if I’m being honest. Holy Schmitt, you guys (I won’t apologize for that!). Now that Maggie has figured out what’s been going on with her, she wants to get married as quickly as possible. Let’s start with the romance of it all because that feels right and good, doesn’t it? If she wants to enact change within medicine, this is a way to do it right at Grey Sloan. She wants her mom to be a part of this and that’s impossible. From intern to head of the residency program — we love this journey for Meredith Grey. Over the six weeks of this episode, Schmitt is forced to deal with his feelings for Nico. But she has nothing to worry about: Helm, who got close with Gwen over the course of her stay, wants to stay in touch with her and also … Webber went out and tracked down Jupiter! Winston, who also lost his mother, understands that. Although this doesn’t seem like a topic you can compromise on, the thought of having to sit through Amelia going through another epic breakup is chilling. By the end of the episode, Maggie finds Winston in the parking lot of the hospital and apologizes. Bailey is trying to help her through it, but Meredith is frustrated with how little progress she’s making. When Cormac asks, she won’t go into what, exactly, from her past caused the problem, but she is devastated. Little Jupy! Probably because we need a whole bunch of plot development that had been missing ahead of next week’s season finale. • There’s a very nice story about a patient named Gwen who needs a heart transplant and then pretends to have complications so she can stay in the hospital longer.