If Ronald does pass his interview, which is a big “if,” being in America won’t fix all of their problems. These issues are only going to get worse as Julia finds her own life in America. 90 Day Notes

• Natalie stepped on a nail and they were just like, stop crying and just remember it’s there next time. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! Mike, of course, does nothing in their confrontations. Tiffany is being incredibly optimistic about her request, and I don’t think she really explained the difficulties of sponsoring someone. Honestly, I think Michael is more worried that Angela will die in surgery or from smoking cigarettes before he can make it to America. That “You just made up for hanging up on momma” was weird. These two simply cannot stand each other, and every conversation immediately escalates to an argument. Angela has found a juice to drink since she doesn’t like water. Like, damn! • “Tell it to Johnny Depp that it’s not work.” I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure Johnny would say it’s not. Yes, I think Natalie should look at more realistic short-term job options like translating, but Trish’s insistence that Natalie be a housewife is irritating. I missed them. Tiffany is already visiting divorce lawyers and doesn’t seem aware of the consequences Kalani now knows about. • No Jovi and Yara this week. He doesn’t stand up for Natalie or tell his mom to back off. There’s no way Low would have agreed to that if he’d known all the details, and Tiffany’s dad is in the same position. Julia happily accepts that she is a jealous person, but her actions aren’t just jealousy. At this point it feels like they’re just making Angela consider more and more surgeries so she has something to do on the show. Obviously, Natalie has been to an American grocery store before and knows what a deli counter looks like. They also could’ve been a little more supportive of Blondie instead of throwing firewood at her! Also, I hate how Angela scolds Michael like a child. Natalie is quick to get defensive and Trish seems to like pushing her buttons. Also, Charlie is a horrible actor. I absolutely hate that two of the best women in the franchise are stuck in situations that clearly don’t bring them the joy they deserve.I can’t have the same sympathy for Brandon, who has now realized he does not know the woman he married. She’s considering a facelift, even though this wasn’t part of her original plan and that worries Michael. Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. Look at Asuelu and Kalani: Kalani’s dad is now financially responsible for Asuelu for a lifetime, without regard for divorce. I wish this was enough for Natalie to realize Mike isn’t the one for her, but I still think these two are just stubborn reptilians who found each other and will never let go. Email

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Terms of Service apply. The only way out is deportation, death, or full citizenship for Asuelu. But she reacted like Trish took her to a slaughter factory and made her personally kill a pig. This week, we find out Tiffany and Ronald’s visa interview has been approved, but they still need someone to sponsor his visa. If she truly thinks Brandon shouldn’t hangout or talk to anyone but her, that’s a way deeper insecurity. •  I do not care about Libby’s need for a nanny. While Trish may not win any Mother-in-Law of the Year awards, Tiffany’s dad is definitely getting an MVP award. RIP to a legend (her bra-purse). I do wonder how Julia handled this jealousy when they were long-distance, shouldn’t she be used to them having some space? It turns out I would watch a show where Andrei destroys houses in the least efficient way possible. Tiffany is acting like a beautiful idiot and, sadly, I think we’ll see her follow Kalani’s path. Asking Tiffany’s dad makes sense since her mom has made it very clear she’s not a fan. • Angela can’t put things in her bra anymore. Finally, there’s Michael and Angela, who aren’t doing anything particularly interesting. Fear and Loathing

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With Natalie’s “I’m a kind of different girl” line, she finally won me over. There’s so much tension between Trish and Natalie that it saves Mike and Natalie’s entire storyline. I’m not sure what the show has in store for Michael and Angela this season beyond her surgeries, since there are no plans for Michael to come to America any time soon. I mean, look at Natalie’s reaction to the butcher shop. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? These two certainly have their kinks. • Ronald being like, “I don’t want to be judged for my past” over a visa interview was hilarious. Tags: Sorry, Ronald, that’s like… what the whole deal is! He doesn’t reassure anyone that Natalie is allowed to figure out her career on her time.