The “Kyoto” singer also provides a soothing round of Ally ASMR, whispering promising statements like “I will do my own emotional labor,” “I apologize for all racism,” “I will never get married on a plantation,” and, most potently, “I famously love all Black people, especially an iconic Black woman named Ziwe.”

Satisfied, Ziwe has the pair close out Phoebe’s interview by smashing ukuleles, in the style of the singer’s spectacular Saturday Night Live orgy of guitar destruction back in February. “I’d love that,” Bridgers accepts, before pummeling the uke. Hopefully, this round of instrument demolition will draw less social-media criticism than the first, though, in the end, it did help Phoebe auction off her pulverized SNL guitar for $101,500, and we all know who a real ally would give that kind of cash to. Phoebe Bridgers tried to get away with wearing a Target skeleton costume for years on end, but not on Ziwe’s watch. Related

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But that’s not all Phoebe did to win the Bare Minimum Allyship Award twice during Ziwe’s “Allyship” episode this weekend. During Sunday’s episode of her eponymous Showtime series, Ziwe asks the Punisher musician to apologize for “appropriating dead culture” all this time, which Bridgers readily does.