Great. What the fuck are you doing, drying your shirt in the bathroom of the Four Season restaurant?’ And based on that alone, I was never cast on your show, ever.”

Since the HBO drama ended 14 years ago, does it still count as a spoiler to reveal that Baldwin’s Sopranos pitch did not come to fruition? Death actor trying to dry his sweat-soaked shirt with a men’s room hand dryer after rushing to a meeting on a hot Los Angeles day. Why The Sopranos Has Become a Zoomer Touchstone

Tags: But I Could Imagine Being Carmela. Unlike must of us, however, Alec Baldwin actually has these people’s numbers and, as he explained to The Sopranos actors Michael Imperioli (who played Christopher Moltisanti) and Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccalieri Jr.) on their podcast Talking Sopranos, he put it all on the line for a chance to play the role of a lifetime: the man who kills James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano and runs off with his wife, Carmela, played by Baldwin’s eventual 30 Rock love interest Edie Falco. “I called up whoever it was, I forget, and said, ‘Tell them when it’s time to kill Jimmy — this was early, in the beginning, before you get to the end — there is only one man who should whack Jimmy and ride off with Edie, and I am that man,” the actor recalled, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “This is my introduction to David Chase, and he goes, ‘Alec Baldwin? Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

We all wish we could sometimes reach out to the creators of our favorite shows and gently, yet forcefully, demand the perfect series finale we’ve dreamed up in our heads. We’ll add your name to the list of all the Irish actors who think they should be on The Sopranos.’”

Baldwin also reminisces about his first time meeting Sopranos creator David Chase, who stumbled across the overheated Dr. Related

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I Couldn’t Imagine Being Happy. Still, we like the chaotic energy of calling a show already well into production and pitching yourself as the ultimate villain. They were like, ‘Uh-huh, sure. “The door opens — and it’s David Chase,” Baldwin sighs. It’s something to consider for next time, Guy Pearce. “I am the guy who needs to blow Jimmy away and take Edie, who I am madly in love with, away. Unless he was drying his shirt in that diner’s men’s room, Baldwin’s would-be assassin must have stayed home.