Cooler than us, indeed. He added that he began training for the Everest summit just two weeks after finishing his cross-country hike in late 2019. “While my walk was about me finding myself, I want my climb to be about others,” Posner said in a video announcing the climb and fundraiser. Along the way, Posner fundraised for the Detroit Justice Center; the GoFundMe he set up has currently raised over $218,000 in donations. Posner previously hiked across the continental United States in 2019, prompted in part by the death of his father — whose career as a criminal defense attorney in Detroit inspired him to do the fundraiser. Related

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Tags: Everest, after 18 months of training and weeks of hiking. Jon Kedrowski; Dawa Chirring Sherpa; and Dawa Dorje Sherpa. Earlier today, the pop singer-songwriter summited Mt. Freaking Everest! That’s right: Mt. alongside his guide, Dr. Photo: Tara Ziemba/FilmMagic

Some musicians spent the past year and change making and releasing albums. Posner shared the news on Twitter on June 1, writing that he reached the summit at 4:35 a.m. As for Mike Posner? “That’s what I call a sunrise,” Posner tweeted, adding that they would continue descending into base camp on June 2 and were “not out of the woods.” According to his Instagram, Posner arrived in Nepal on April 7 and at Everest base camp on April 20, and went on weeks of acclimatization hikes before eventually summiting the mountain.