They’ve got new rules, they count ’em! No snakes, just vibes in the new Billie Eilish visual above. “You ain’t nothing but a lost cause, and this ain’t nothing like it once was,” she croons in the chorus, surrounded by her girls. The formerly green Grammy winner’s new look ushers in her second album, Happier Than Ever, out July 30. “Lost Cause” follows up the single “Your Power,” which got a much more sss-erious music video. Clearly, blondes do have more fun. Blonde Billie Eilish trades the scowl for smiles in her new music video for “Lost Cause.” Set at a vaguely sapphic sleepover, Eilish sings about moving on from an ex who, frankly, sounds like a scrub. They’re twerking, they’re making a mess, they’re flipping off the camera, and they got Billie doing TikTok dances. Related

Billie Eilish Is Happier Than Ever to Release Her Second Album on July 30