It turns out your whole list of wants in a potential male romantic partner can be completely thrown away and replaced with three simple attributes, of which you can reasonably expect to get two. Josh Johnson’s first one-hour stand-up special, Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag), may be arriving just in time. Because you can’t be let down if your bar is on the floor, folks! It’s a realization that is at once depressing and liberating, like the first time you read He’s Just Not That Into You. Related

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Tags: And luckily, Comedy Central followed our rule for stand-up special trailers with the above clip, so Johnson’s full joke is available for you to watch right now before you drag yourself out on another disappointing date. Set to air on Comedy Central Friday, June 18, at 11 p.m., the special reveals some simple, practical dating advice from the Daily Show writer that will feel increasingly relevant as post-pandemic dating begins in earnest.