Jay Z explaining how Blue motivated him to learn how to swim gives me the feels. That’s no fun. However, his Shop demeanor says otherwise: Speaking with LeBron James and other pals, Jay-Z is clearly thrilled about the honor, despite the less-than-ideal way he found out about it. Quick, Dave Grohl, say something wild about how backdoor the Award for Musical Excellence is. “I was taking Blue to school,” he recalled, referring to his daughter with Beyoncé. A month after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the inductees for its 2021 class, Jay-Z, one of the six main honorees, has acknowledged the feat during an appearance on HBO talk show The Shop. “I was like, This ain’t no celebration. The rapper and songwriter, who appeared on the show’s May 28 episode, had remained silent about the Rock Hall until then, leading some to believe he was uninterested in being celebrated alongside the likes of Tina Turner, Foo Fighters, and the Go-Go’s in the pantheon of rock glory. She walked away and I was like, Yo.” Between this and Todd Rundgren’s surprise embrace for his fans, are we in for a drama-free induction year? 🥺🌊 #TheShopHBO pic.twitter.com/mPVCGwAbRR— Paulana (@itsPaulana) May 29, 2021


The Biggest Surprises and Snubs of the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

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Looks like we’ve successfully navigated around a potential Mark Knopfler reprise.