Tags: The O.R. Justice for Maggie and Winston in season 18, you know? Down on one knee, he pours his heart out to Amelia and asks her to do him the honor of marrying him. He deserves a fun, loving relationship. Unfortunately, we get very little wedding content! I mean, he’ll probably start hooking up with Jo, so we’ll see how that goes. Then, by April 2021, Meredith and Teddy perform a successful double-lung transplant on a long-term COVID patient. After realizing that she doesn’t want more kids or to get married and that Link very much does want those things, Amelia, well, Amelia sits on that information for a while. He buys not one but four engagement rings because he can’t decide which Amelia will want (that might be your first sign, dude …aside from the time when Amelia repeatedly told you not to propose). That’s huge. Honestly, good riddance to that pairing! So, that whole story line from last week is basically erased and the two decide to wait until things safely open up again. I know we’ve all become averse to beaches on Grey’s Anatomy at this point, but it is a beautiful-looking wedding. Then, in April 2021, they have the beach wedding of their dreams. So Link decides to put together another proposal. In August 2020, she starts her job as head of the residency program and makes several changes that Bailey might not agree with but is working on accepting. And with that, Link and Amelia are dunzo. Give me a heart-to-heart between Maggie and Meredith — they’ve been through so much and can finally celebrate something together! Link is kind and good and he deserves less drama and more happiness. • We couldn’t have gotten one tiny hint of a Japril update when Jackson video chatted Jo to hand over his apartment? VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! Everyone is so happy! Sorry, Bailey, the girl needed the money to adopt Luna and Tom was the only taker. She officially adopts Luna! Board

• Meredith’s back at work! They deserve bigger. Jo making this positive step toward healing from the trauma of, well, her entire life by creating her own little family? • The most emotional moment of the episode: Watching the staff at Grey Sloan finally get their COVID-19 vaccines. Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. It’s infuriating! It’s on the beach after Maggie’s wedding (speaking of stealing someone’s thunder) and he has each of Meredith’s kids hold a different engagement ring. There are two story lines in the finale in particular that were done a disservice by racing from August 2020 to April 2021. Meanwhile, we watch Link — pure, sweet Link — grow increasingly excited to build his future with Amelia. Or a heart-to-heart between Meredith and Winston in which she welcomes him to the family but also threatens him if he ever hurts Mags. Give me something to work with here, Grey’s! She seems so happy and so in love and it is all very nice. Instead, we jump right into that little backyard family-only wedding that Maggie and Winston decided to have because they didn’t want to wait to get hitched … only to have Maggie’s dad and Winston’s grandmother stand up and declare that this wedding is sad and Maggie and Winston deserve better. The wedding seems like a great party, but it was missing some emotional poignancy. The show has been slowly (so freaking slowly) been building to this outcome all season with very little movement, and then in these last two episodes of the season rushed through huge story beats. I mean, that part about Jo making this enormous ask of Link (and Amelia) should’ve at least been its own episode. I know it’s cliché, but Maggie Pierce deserves some wedding clichés. • The finale blesses us with one more Mer-Cristina text exchange, this time about how Mer beat Cristina to performing a lung transplant on a post-COVID patient. So I think we’ll be getting a visit from Tom Koracick in no time. It’s not that Grey’s can’t do this fast-forward through time effectively — it worked quite well when they sped through time right after McDreamy got T-boned by a truck and Mer fled Seattle, for instance — it’s just that here, it only makes it more glaring that certain story lines were dragged out beyond their expiration date while others were shortchanged. There’s so much to be explored within this story line that just gets glossed over because we needed time to [checks notes] have an entire Teddy dreamscape episode. There are smiles and tears and there is joy. Yes, much to Bailey’s chagrin, Tom now has a seat on the Grey Sloan board. There is just so much devastation in that one second, it is so awful. Jo going through the adoption process as a single woman? Too fast! What an awkward moment to rope a bunch of kids into! He almost proposes on Christmas morning, but his thunder is stolen by Owen, of all people, who proposes to Teddy in front of everyone under fake snow. The first: Maggie Pierce got married, friends! I’m not saying we need a full-on Wedding Episode … although, maybe I am saying that? Those two are in a very healthy place! Friends, my fellow Americans — the silence is deafening. Or, like, just one quick convo with her dad about her late mother. We then run through several months in which Jo discovers that there is a family willing to foster and then adopt Luna, Jo asking her best friend Link to foster Luna until she can legally adopt her (that poor family!) and him saying yes, Jo getting an unceremonious phone call to learn that she’s going to be allowed to adopt, and then Jo and Luna moving into Jackson’s old apartment in April 2021. Email

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Terms of Service apply. The pacing of season 17 was wild in every direction. It is weird! There’s an idea that if an addict is sober and getting healthy, there’s no reason for things not to work; but sometimes, he tells her, you need to “give yourself permission for it not to work.” Amelia wants what she wants and she should trust that. A truly gutted Link knocks on Jo’s (new) door looking for a place to crash. It’s a great scene and a great moment between these two characters but Amelia still refuses to talk to Link about it. A very cute proposal! Let it sink in for a second! Last week, we left Jo devastated after her application to become Luna’s legal guardian was denied when she didn’t pass the background check. It was April 2021, so they’ve had some time in Boston together at this point and things could’ve happened — give up the goods, Grey’s! In August 2020, we find Jo vowing to figure out a way to adopt Luna (and also get the hell out of that tiny apartment with Schmitt and Helm). We can have nice things! • Wait, I love that the only person Jo could find to sell her shares of the hospital to (remember, Alex gifted them to her when he abandoned her to live on a farm with Izzie!!) was Tom. And then there’s Jo. Grey’s Anatomy
Someone Saved My Life Tonight

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Grey’s Anatomy is doubling down on its race to end season 17: Last week, we were hopping from week to week; this time around, it’s month to month. That Meredith-Bailey hug alone! A lot of her internal strife is tied to trying to figure out if this is her addiction talking or if it’s really what she wants. I don’t mean to laugh every time I think of Link’s face as he realizes she is rejecting him, but I can’t help it. There’s a lot there, but told in this abridged way means the emotional heft of it all doesn’t hit exactly right. It’s time to shake things up, remember? Hey, speaking of emotional heft, Amelia Shepherd sure loves to burn relationships right down to the ground, doesn’t she? We’ve been through a lot this year and we deserve all the joy we can get. After an AA meeting, Richard has a heart-to-heart with Amelia because he knows this feeling all too well. Too slow! Afterward, Meredith finally gets that clap-out she ran from when she was discharged.