Happy vibe-y Saturday! Then, Zauner performs catchy track “Be Sweet,” the lilting, chamber-poppy “Kokomo, IN,” and the mellow, keyboard-led “Tactics,” which just might be our fave of the three. Yesterday saw the release of Japanese Breakfast’s third album, the beautiful Jubilee. In an interview, the artist also known as Michelle Zauner says that she grew up idolizing Karen O, because the Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman was “every single thing that obliterated this sort of docile Asian woman stereotype.” She speaks about the loss of her mother, her memoir, and Jubilee, which she thinks is her best work. Related

Japanese Breakfast’s Jubilee Goes Down in a Blaze of Guitar Glory

Tags: Today, the singer, songwriter, and Crying in H Mart memoirist performed three new songs from the album on CBS This Morning’s “Saturday Sessions,” because even your grandparents’ favorite network is getting into the “Tiny Desk” game now.