Deadline reported on Friday that like the original, “Messyness is a comedy clip series that indulges in the most debaucherous clips found on the Internet,” but that it will have a special focus on videos from partying and nightlife. Seriously, it’ll be right at home:

Here's MTV schedule for the week of 04/26/2021Ridiculousness + Deliciousness airing 269 times this week#MTVSchedule2021 #week17— MTV Schedule (@MTVSchedule) April 27, 2021


Snooki Explains the Origins of Her ‘Hot Mess Pics’ in Highly Detailed Tweets

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Because MTV doesn’t have enough Ridiculousness on its programming lineup already, the former music network is launching a spinoff called Messyness, hosted by none other than the network’s crowning achievement, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Snooki’s perfect for the job, as she’s known a mess or two in her day, and her panel will include Tori Spelling, Adam Rippon, and comedian Teddy Ray. It’s already filming, and will premiere later this year, joining Ridiculous and its other spinoff, Deliciousness.