box strictly for that.” She added about her collection, “When girlfriends come over I open the box and I’m like, ‘Here you go, take your pick.’” We have a feeling that the Strategist will get her on the phone for a roundup soon. Related

Oh Great, This Guy Eventually Crashes The Bachelorette? (You’ll recall that she debuted the accessory during last season’s Bachelor, where she was friend-zoned by Matt James early on.) Swinging by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Katie Thurston buzzed her way into The Bachelorette’s season premiere last night as our new leading lady, where she, surprisingly, didn’t break out her signature accoutrement of choice: A well-charged, candy-colored vibrator. … and it’s gotten to the point where she had to enlist extra delivery space. I literally pay people to watch my cat in vibrators. Bachelor Franchise Puts Chris Harrison in the Exit Limo

Tags: “People send me enough vibrators to last me a lifetime now. I don’t know what to do with all of them,” she explained. “I have a P.O. for a post-premiere debriefing, Thurston revealed that she often gets sent unsolicited sexy devices from … fans?