“The video is a metaphor for how, right now, we all feel alienated, far removed from our world, almost like we’re on an alien planet,” director Dave Meyers said in a release. Related

Coldplay’s New ‘Higher Power’ Video Will Get Your Holograms Up and Moving

Tags: Explore the galaxy far, far away in the “Higher Power” video above. Like, is that Ahsoka Tano on the screen or some other beautiful blue alien? Chaos reigns on “trash planet” Kaotica, the setting for both Coldplay’s upcoming album and the official video for “Higher Power.” No relation to Lady Gaga’s Chromatica. Surrounded by a … diverse group of aliens, Chris Martin dances around the garbage-lined streets and gives us a glimpse of what Dakota Johnson has to work with at parties: some kicks, enthusiastic arms in the air, and a lot of confidence alongside Seoul’s Ambiguous Dance Company. “And ultimately we find love in the streets and that euphoria shoots us off into the stratosphere of our own energy and higher power.” The video features references to iconic scenes from The Terminator, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, and other films.