Patinkin bursts out into applause. Now riddle me this, Batman(dy): Can Patinkin, with the help of his wife, Kathryn Grody, name a single actor who has ever played Batman, in anything? Name one actor who played Batman. You know his father gave him fucking marijuana as a kid, he has a lot of issues …” -Kathryn, in mom-speak for RDJ

“My favorite actor guy. This isn’t a speed round, mind you. Patinkin can take all the time he needs. But as was made clear in a video posted to his Twitter account today, America’s Dad needn’t concern himself with such trivial matters. I remember your soul.”


Mandy Patinkin Baffled by the Friends Theme Song

Tags:— Mandy Patinkin (@PatinkinMandy) June 12, 2021

Welcome back to another edition of, “Mandy Patinkin: What Does He Know? So he tries again: “It rhymes with Kiss Him Stale.” Kathryn has her aha moment, correctly naming a Batman, Christian Bale. Here is a list of everyone Patinkin and Grody guess for four hilarious minutes before they finally land on a Batman:

“Adam Beech, on television.” -Mandy

“The great actor that played Chaplin. Does He Know Things? Pop Culture Quiz – Name five actors who played Batman, or four actors? My favorite actor of my generation. Let’s Find Out!” In our previous installment, Patinkin didn’t recognize the Friends theme song. You know, he’s just great!” -Mandy

“Robin?” -Kathryn, referring either to Robin Williams or just naming Batman’s sidekick

“Daniel Day-Lewis” -Kathryn

“Clint” -Kathryn

“Cliff” (????) -Kathryn

“Kenneth Branagh” -Kathryn

“He was in the movie about the thing in Boston.” -Mandy“About the massacre?” -Kathryn“No, no, about the politics.” -Mandy

“Tony Hopkins” -Kathryn

“This is horrible and it’s humiliating and you’re not allowed to post any of this stuff, and I’m gonna go learn Spanish because that’s supposed to be a good exercise for your brain.” -Kathryn, opening Duolingo on her phone

“He’s skinny, but he can also get fat if he needs to be.” -Mandy

“He got fat in that movie, I don’t think it was about the priests, it was about the economy.” -Mandy

”Moneyball!” -Kathryn

“Benedick Cumberbunch” -Kathryn

Their son, who is filming the video, gives a hint: “It rhymes with ‘Fish Bin Kale.’” Nothing. “I love you, Christian Bale!” he shouts to the heavens, following it up with, “God forgive me for not remembering your name!