I still think Tiffany and Ronald are on the brink of divorce, but Asuelu and Kalani have managed to turn things around! It’s not like Mike is perfect. As Mike and Natalie prepare to leave Trish’s house, Trish offers Natalie a good-bye scarf. Before the trip to Trish’s, Natalie had honestly been doing a pretty good job of hiding her rude behavior. Is it maybe a red flag that Kalani wants to down a bottle of whiskey before even taking a tour of the property? Ron’s like, “Y’all haven’t made money; you don’t have shit. Tiffany is picking the right fight with Ronald, though. Best of luck out there!” And this is why we love him. It was really only a matter of time before these feelings came out, but she couldn’t even play nice until they got to the airport. This entire Libby Family Vacation plot is too ridiculous to take seriously. It’s like begging a brick wall to explain itself, and it’s perfectly Natalie. Trish wasn’t forcing Natalie to have kids, she just wanted to know if they thought about it. Sorry to be blunt, but that’s how things go when Tiffany’s mom is in the episode (she’s the best mom this season). Like Brandon said, “Who wouldn’t want a cake?” Having the pastor from their wedding get up and speak was a bit much, but it was really just some Party City decorations! Then she locks herself in Mike’s car and refuses to explain herself or what Trish did wrong. VULTURE NEWSLETTER
Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! Before this episode, I was mostly bored by Michael and Angela’s story because it wasn’t changing much. • I am willing to teach Angela how to get high on “eatables” instead of by smoking. • I MISS JOVI AND YARA! Tiffany agrees to visit, but only if Ronald pays for half of their tickets. It does seem like Michael is losing patience with Angela’s priorities right now, though. Maybe! Just enjoy it, girl! They’re not the first couple to use a sex shop to spice things up in their relationship, but I was moved by their dedication to speaking about the issues in their marriage, too. All Shook Up

Season 6

Episode 8

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4 stars



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If last week’s episode was a beautiful moment for the Family Libby’s drama, “All Shook Up” is a wonderful swan song for Mike and Natalie. Anyway, I’d be happy to take one of Trish’s scarves. 90 Day Notes

• “I’m gonna whip the shit out of you, Asuelu.” Kalani and Asuelu are so open and candid, and I absolutely love it when people who are just trying to do their job have to hear about the “rocking and rolling” they’re going to be doing. It’s irritating. Terms & Privacy Notice
By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. It’s sweet, even if Asuelu’s biggest request is more sex. It’s not until Natalie is blatantly rude to his mother that he finally does anything about it. Rather than talk through any of this, Natalie would rather play up the drama because she’s more in love with being on TV than being in Mike’s family. With the borders to South Africa open, Ronald wants Tiffany to come visit for a three-month-long trip. Also, I knew Kalani would complain about the cabins and then still have a good time! Email

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Terms of Service apply. Even though Angela constantly threatens to leave him, I think he may give up on his dream of America before she does that. Absolutely no one understands why these two stay together, but this episode shows us every reason they need to separate. Or Libby and Andrei with Tarik and Hazel. She wasn’t forcing Natalie to be a translator, she was just saying it was an easy way to temporarily make money! It was adorable when Mike was like, “Everyone loves your scarves, Mom!”

Brandon and Julia’s issues with his parents are pretty understandable but also adorable. Tiffany’s mom tells her she’s making a mistake and that she wishes Tiffany never had kids with Ronald. Angela’s health journey is interesting because she’s an absolutely hilarious character, but I didn’t really need to watch her smoke her last cigarette. I know Julia has this conspiracy theory that his parents are being nice to them so they stay on the farm forever, but I think they just wanted to share the wedding joy with the entire family. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Michael seemed so dedicated to Angela that I wasn’t sure what conflict they could really provide. • I wish we could do a midseason swap of Mike and Natalie with Tarik and Hazel. Well, probably, since that’s better than finding out from the show. I think Tiffany’s request is fair and will force Ronald to be realistic about his lack of resources. Tags: There was no reason for Brandon and Julia to storm out of Ron’s birthday party. (I also loved the sign that said “This Guy Is 70, But Still Awesome” because Ron is the best dad on the show.) Julia sees it as a win because Brandon is finally standing up for them, but he’s picking the wrong battles, and Ron is ready to throw down when it comes to the right battles. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have taken separate cars. I also do not believe for a second that Trish called Natalie a hooker! It’s aggravating. All of the allegations Natalie has made against Trish don’t add up to this kind of rude treatment. Does Kalani really need to tell Asuelu she went to a divorce lawyer? Natalie refuses it and explains that her mother has told her not to speak with Trish anymore. These two aren’t ready to be on their own! They do that weird “Let’s stare into each other’s eyes for two minutes” thing, and they talk about how they both want to change for each other. Obviously, Ronald can’t do this because he’s a bum who does not support his family. He could have cleared the air before Thanksgiving dinner and tried to make sense of these many miscommunications. She literally just left Mike and Trish and went through security without saying bye!