It’s a cartoon musical fantasia about a horse named Horse, voiced by Kimiko Glenn, who is transported to a magical world of centaurs, called Centaurworld, full of centaur boys and centaur girls. The animation in this family-friendly series is super-colorful and pretty, slightly more Adventure Time than My Little Pony, and the musical number is goofy and catchy. Excited to introduce our main cast!! In the preview clip above, there’s Josh Radnor as a giraffe centaur, Megan Hilty as a llama centaur, Parvesh Cheena as a zebra centaur, Chris Diamantopoulos as … a bird centaur, we think (??), and Megan Nicole Dong as a doe or maybe really it’s an antelope centaur. Look, the definition of “centaur” is loose and inclusive in Centaurworld. There’s also a full-length trailer (below) that gives slightly more context to the chaos, establishing some pretty intense world-building, mythos, and action. No, it’s better. What is this, another Good Wife spinoff? @KimikoGlenn @meganhilty @JoshRadnor @Parvesh Jessie Mueller, Chris Diamantopoulos @netflix @netflixfamily— Megan Nicole Dong (@sketchshark) June 13, 2021

An esteemed cast of theatre actors brought together in a talented ensemble to bring a radically original new series to life? Related

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Tags: The series premieres on Netflix July 30, so get ready for more songs about being a horse-person from theatre’s best and brightest. Jessie Mueller is there, too, as a mysterious figure who may or may not be the villain.